Garth Lenz


Boreal, temperate, and tropical rainforest photographs by environmental photojournalist, Garth Lenz.

Forest Reserve near Coyaique.
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.Located in the Northern reaches of Clayoquot Sound, the Sidney Watershed has the densest population of bears in the Sound and is one of only six remaining intact watersheds on Vancouver island over 5000 hectares. There were originally 97.
This Araucaria Forest is located in the Cani Sanctuary in the Northern Portion of Chilean Patagonia near the town of Pucon.
Duu Guusd, Haida Gwaii, B.C.                             Copyright Garth Lenz. Contact:
The forests along the north shore of Lake Superior represent the southern border of the boreal region in Ontario. The forests in this transitional zone are particularly beautiful in Autumn when they take on the more colorful characteristics of their predominantly deciduous neighbors of the south. It is estimated that only 10% of this southerly region of the Ontario's boreal forest remains as intact habitat.20
Proposed Unesco World Heritage Site.Manitoba.
The boreal forest of northern Canada is perhaps the best and largest example of a largely intact forest ecosystem. Canada's boreal forest alone stores an amount of carbon equal to ten times the total annual global emissions from all fossil fuel consumption.20
Old Growth Temperate Rainforest,Clayoquot Valley, Clayoquot Sound,Vancouver Island, British Columbia,Canada
Proposed Taku River Wilderness Area.Northern B.C. near Alaska/Yukon Border. This area is threatened by the potential of a reopened mine and the building of an all-season industrial road. This road would cut through the traditional territory of the Taku River Tlingit, closely following their historic
White Easter Lilly, San Juan Islands, B.C.
North Shore of Lake Superior.Northern Ontario